January: Garnet

You are probably most familiar with the deep red version of this popular gemstone. Did you know this gemstone comes in a rainbow of colors?

February: Amethyst

This predominately purple gemstone is a moderately priced favorite that has some very interesting lore behind it!

March: Aquamarine

This gemstone immediately brings thoughts of oceans and seas as its beautiful color  represents.

April: Diamond

The big boss of all gemstones! This brilliant treasure is the most popular of all gemstones used in an engagement ring.

May: Emerald

The soothing shade of green possessed by fine emeralds is recognized world wide. It may evoke thoughts of a loved one’s beautiful green eyes or visions of special places dear to your heart.

Pearl & Alexandrite

The only organic gemstone! Whether in an heirloom strand worn to a presidential ball or a contemporary set of earrings, pearls are always in fashion. Watch the video to learn more about pearl and alexandrite.

July: Ruby

A majestic gem that has held it’s place in royal adornment for centuries. This sister gem to Sapphire is coveted by those who love a rich red color.

August: Peridot

This delightful green gemstone may possibly be the most mispronounced gem of them all. Check out the video to learn more!​​

September: Sapphire

A noble gem no doubt that has long been used in a variety of important jewelry including the center gem for Princess Diana’s engagement ring.

October: Opal

This kaleidoscope colored gemstone flashes a rainbow of different colors when tilted about in the light.

November: Topaz

Topaz is available in a variety of different colors but for November, yellow is the color to have! Also, the official gift for your 19th anniversary!

December: Turquoise, Tanzanite or Blue Zircon

This holiday month actually has three recognized gemstones as it’s birthstones! All different, but wonderful shades of blue​​.