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5 Tips to Protect Your Fine Jewelry This Summer

How to Protect Your Jewelry

Protect Fine JewelryWater and sun are so much fun during the warm summer months. But while you’re out having a good time, make sure your fine jewelry is safe and well protected. Check out these five tips to care for your precious baubles and bling.

1. Pool Chemicals
Chlorine and bromine are corrosive chemicals found in pools and hot tubs which can damage precious metals and stones. Your gold, silver and platinum are all at risk for getting discolored. The chemicals can also damage rhodium plating often found on white gold and silver.

In addition, the polish on many fine gemstones can be eroded by these same harsh chemicals. Lastly, some of the softer, more porous stones can actually be damaged such as opal, moonstone, turquoise and even your pearls. The solution is not to wear your fine jewels into the pool or spa.

2. Sunscreen, Sweat and Skin Oils
Sunscreen saves your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, so it’s a must during the summer months. Unfortunately while it provides a protective layer for your skin, this coating reduces the light refraction and sparkle of your gemstones. Your gorgeous rings, bracelets and earrings won’t maintain their fabulous brilliance after several applications of sun block.

Skin chemistry during the warm weather can change and also affect your jewelry. Between perspiration and skin oils, these can also have a corrosive impact on your necklaces, rings and bracelets, especially those worn daily.

3. Surf and Sand
It may seem hard to believe, but even salt water can dull the finish of precious metals. If you are a boat owner, you know the corrosive affect the sea has on metal. The same is true for fine jewelry.

Sand can be problematic with set stones. Grains of sand can lodge between the stones and the prongs causing damage. The abrasiveness of sand may scratch the surface of your stones or metal, leaving permanent marks.

4. Travel Care & Insurance
When traveling, you probably want to take your bling with you as the perfect way to accessorize while on vacation. Just be sure not to jumble your jewelry by tossing all in the same little pouch. Pack your jewelry with care so pieces don’t rub together. Prongs and stones can be abrasive to each other when not properly packed.

Sometimes things get lost when you travel which is a great reason to insure your jewelry for loss or theft. Many pieces have sentimental value as well, so make sure you are covered.

5. Inspection and Cleaning
At the end of the season, bring your jewelry in to a reputable jeweler for an inspection and cleaning. This way you can be sure your prongs are in good shape holding those diamonds in place The jeweler will clean and polish your pieces to remove any build up of sunscreen, soap, lotion and skin oils to bring back their original brilliance and beauty.

Enjoy the season!


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